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Nick Kidd Badminton Academy is targeted at developing the future Badminton stars of Australia. The Academy coaching team looks to share their experience and passion for the sport through their coaching, ensuring that each student reaches their potential. 

Non-Marking Shoes Must be Worn to play on our courts

2022 Summer Camp

17/01/2022 - 28/01/2022

Enrolment Closed

2022 Autumn Camp

11/04/2022 - 22/04/2022

Enrolment Deadline: 03/04/2022 by 10pm

2022 Winter Camp

04/07/2022 - 15/07/2022

Enrolment Deadline: 26/06/2022 by 10pm

2022 Spring Camp

26/09/2022 - 07/10/2022

Enrolment Deadline: 18/09/2022 by 10pm

2022 autumn Holiday camp enrolment forms


NKBAcademy's Holiday Camps are for students who have previously enrolled in our group training sessions. For more information on Group Training, please scroll down. Thank you.


Enrolments past the deadline are subject to availability and will incur a $20 late enrolment fee.

Please email NKBA.Jie@gmail.com for more information


NKBAcademy Group Training Information

NKBAcademy offers group training sessions that occur each term for children who are looking to develop their Badminton skills.

If you are new and interested in signing up, email us at nkba.jie@gmail.com to organise a screening session to determine your child's level.

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As NKBAcademy's administration team has limited working hours, NKBAcademy will try to respond within 2-3 working days*. 

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Please email NKBA.JIE@GMAIL.COM for further information

Little Smashers

Target Audience:

  • Kid’s Aged 6-10 to establish basic coordination


  • Establish basic fundamental movement patterns

  • Establish essential badminton specific movement patterns

  • Introduction of overhead strokes

  • Introduction of high singles serve

  • Introduction of badminton terminology

  • Introduction of court parameters


  • Fun activities that introduce badminton and engage the child

  • Establish a strong foundation that allows a smooth transition into the Foundations level


Target Audience:

  • Those who have graduated from Little Smashers

  • Have established hand and eye coordination

  • Students who are off-balance when executing their strokes


  • Establish proficiency in skill-based components of fitness

  • Proficiency in movement patterns; forward sache, backwards sache, open the gate, close the gate and lunging.

  • Introduce content taught in Level 1


  • Address balance, stability and agility

  • Introduction of movement patterns

  • Level 1 content introduction to complement the skill-based                      components of fitness

  • The crucial development of basic and badminton specific movement skills and patterns.

Level 1

Target Audience:

  • Those who have graduated from Foundations

  • Those who can consistently contact the shuttle on their overhead strokes

  • Those who have developed sufficient motor control.


  • Preparation for level 2

  • Proficiency in all overhead strokes (Smash, drop shot and clear)

  • Proficiency in high singles serve and low backhand serve

  • Proficiency in the basic 6 movements of footwork

  • Able to play singles and establish a basic strategy

  • Accurately place the shuttle in the designated area consistently for smash, clear, drop shot, frontcourt lifts, nets, and serves.


  • To acquire the discipline to execute the skills consistently

  • Execution and repetition will be the focus for the student

  • Establishing proficiency in the skills taught, to be used when progressing to level 2

** Most children will spend more time at this level as the requirements of skill acquisition is high

** This is the most important and fundamental level to the course and requires high proficiency in order to progress to the next level

Level 2 

Target Audience:

  • Those that have shown proficiency in the skills acquired in Level 1 and have successfully graduated from Level 1

  • Base fitness level is satisfactory


  • Proficiency in backcourt cross-court strokes

  • Proficiency in high singles serve and low backhand serve

  • Introduction of doubles court positioning and basic strategy of doubles

  • Proficiency in movement and footwork patterns taught


  • Racket carriage in front of the body. Elbow clear infant and up around chest height.

  • Routine based skill acquisition

  • Apply skills taught in level 1 into basic routines and hold routines consistently

  • Linking footwork patterns together with the “stress jump” for movement efficiency.

  • Build on the basic strategy of singles

  • Introduction of the singles defensive stance, triangle concept, and defences strokes.

Elite Development Squad 


Target Audience:

  • Demonstrate high fitness level

  • Those who are displaying consistent commitment to the sport

  • Who have demonstrated potential and accelerated growth

  • Invitation only


  • Introduction of strength and conditioning training

  • Introduce body maintenance

  • Establish tactical strategy

  • Introduction of deception and unorthodox shots

  • Proficiency in fundamental strokes and established base footwork patterns

  • Establish the elite level of fitness amongst the following categories:

    • Muscular endurance

    • Muscular strength

    • Muscular Power

    • Cardiovascular capacity

    • Flexibility


  • Body conditioning and maintenance to further develop athletes                  

  • Development of tactical gameplay.

  • Skill acquisition

  • Consistency and accuracy

  • Preparation for the Elite Squad

Elite Squad

Target Audience:

  • Proficiency in all fundamental strokes

  • Established base footwork patterns


  • Understand and learn how to change tempo in the games

  • Understand how to create opportunities off the service

  • Creating an elite culture amongst the group

  • Establish elite level of fitness amongst the following categories

    • Muscular endurance

    • Muscular strength

    • Muscular Power

    • Cardiovascular capacity

    • Flexibility

  • Results at the state, national and international level


  • Player education

    • Body maintenance

    • Diet

    • Rest and Recovery 

    • Film review

  • Establish a culture of community amongst all elite players



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Email: NKBA.JIE@gmail.com

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Monday - FridaY:
12:00pm - 10:30pm
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